What's up, world? - Spawn is here.

Baby Spawn is Here – She Rules Our World

If you have been following me on social media, you’ll know Baby Spawn has landed. She was born almost a couple of weeks ago, and … NO EPIDURAL.  I am forever grateful for my doula and The Wife and the labor nurse who stuck by me. Because NO EPIDURAL. It took me a while to share […]

Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer

Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Review – A New Mom Winner

It’s hot as hell in Southern California. It’s also been two months since Miss Spawn joined our family. I’ve got little time to spend on making up my face before I have to breastfeed, diaper her, or hold her. That means a change in my makeup routine, namely switching to a tinted moisturizer over a foundation. Tarte Amazonian […]

Miss Spawn in the Boba Wrap at Costco!

Friday Five 9.12.14: What’s Making Me Happy This Week

Kids, we are about to enter Miss Spawn’s 8th week next week. That means… dun dun duuuuun vaccinations. I am dreading going to the pediatrician. Who wants to hear their baby cry from shots? But that’s next week. Let’s talk about this week. What’s Making Me Happy This Week 5. Rookie Mom win #2037402 – […]

Melinda Olson - Founder & CEO of Earth Mama Angel Baby

5 Questions with Earth Mama Angel Baby CEO Melinda Olson!

Y’all. I’m so excited to have the Earth Mama Angel Baby‘s Founder & CEO Melinda Olson on the blog today! I am such a fan of EarthMama’s Natural Stretch Oil as well as their New Mama Bottom Spray (stitches, remember?), Natural Nipple Butter and now… for Miss Spawn, we’re fans of their Baby Bottom Balm. If […]

Diva Cup

Diva Cup Review – Bloody Awesome (Guest Post)

Ed. note: Below my intro is a guest post by my colleague Roberta Romero.  Remember when you first got your period and your mom (or dad or some parental unit) passed you a giant brick of a maxi pad? Gah. Thank goodness someone (a few people) decided to find an alternative to the brick pads. Enter […]


Tiny Prints birth announcement - Adorable: Strawberry

Tiny Prints Sale – Labor Day Promo 30% OFF

It’s been a month since Miss Spawn entered the world, and we are still hemming and hawwing over birth announcements. I mean, doesn’t everyone know she was born already? I’ve posted a few pics on my personal FB as well as Instagram. BUT… I just received an email about a Tiny Prints sale and their Labor […]

Healthy HooHoo products for the vag

Healthy HooHoo – Woohoo for Postpartum Care

When I attended my first Natural Products Expo #ExpoWest a few years ago, I ran into a product called Healthy HooHoo. It was a line of feminine wash products, and my sarcasm meter went up. I was intrigued. Before you scoff, their genesis story is pretty not-funny. A friend of the founder’s was diagnosed with […]

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041813 clearly filtered pitcher

Clearly Filtered Pitcher Review – Water Water Everywhere

One of the things I don’t like about the city I live in is the tap water. The Wife and I long adopted the Brita Filter to help make our water less gross and drinkable. We buy Brita filters for our pitcher regularly, but The Wife is still not a fan of the filtered water it […]

Kerry Gilmartin and family - Bamboobies Founder & CEO

5 Questions with Bamboobies Founder & CEO Kerry Gilmartin

As the owner of two leaking breasts, I sought out nursing (or breast) pads that would help cover up my wet spots on my blouses and tank tops. Lucky for me, I had a pair of Bamboobies and a pair of EpiBi nursing pads. The Bamboobies won out – they’re almost leak-proof and made of soft […]

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Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil - Julep

I’m Melting! Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil – Review

Thanks to one of my monthly Julep Maven subscription boxes, I got a chance to try Julep’s Bare Face Cleansing Oil. I’m a fan of cleansing oils now! Yes, I still wear makeup in the summer, and Julep’s cleansing oil does a marvelous job removing my makeup! It’s Melting My Faaaaaaaace……! Julep’s cleansing oil is pretty fantastic. The […]

Crazy ass close-up: MAC x Maleficent "True Love's Kiss" red lipstick - Outdoor lowlight

MAC Maleficent Lipstick: True Love’s Kiss – Review

I think I found another perfect red lipstick! My homegirl AJ went on a hunt for me and picked up MAC x Maleficent collection‘s lipstick called True Love’s Kiss for me and her! I heart it like I heart Maleficent and most Disney villains. I think this shade is more versatile and wearable than Ruby Woo. I know […]

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Roots 4 - carrots!

I Spent Three Days on a Pressed Juicery Cleanse – Review

 Disclosure: I paid for this cleanse. Post contains affiliate links.  Back when I was still in corporate land, I signed up for and spent three days on a Pressed Juicery Cleanse. I was interested in doing a detox and since they delivered to the office, I was like, SIGN ME UP! I don’t have to drive to West Hollywood […]

Adidas Energy Boost 2 running shoes

Adidas Energy Boost 2 Running Shoes Review: Boost Me Up, Buttercup

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Adidas Energy Boost 2 shoes for my honest opinion and review. Post contains affiliate links.  When Adidas contacted me to test out a pair of running shoes, I was excited! Granted, I was in my third trimester but I was game. It’d been years since I’d try on […]

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Friday Five

Tom Hiddleston - ALS ice bucket challenge

Friday Five 8.22.14: Who Needs Sleep?

Miss Spawn officially turned one month this week! I’m so stoked! I’m also so sleep deprived that I can run on about three 1.5 hour sleep sessions. I have accepted the fact that I’m never getting more than 2 hours of sleep at a time… at least for the time being. Because who needs sleep?** […]

Marc by Marc Jacobs - 57mm sunglasses -

Friday Five 7.18.14: Shopping Deals Make Me Happy

It’s Friday! I was thinking about what’s been making me happy. Shopping deals. If you’re not signed up on Ebates, what are you waiting for? Sign up, use their shopping portal to the big brand stores, and get cash back on every purchase! Dude. Save money! Why not use my referral link? I found a few fabulous […]

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