Placenta Encapsulation – My Experience

Remember when I wrote this post? I look back now and wonder if my baby blues* would have been worse if I didn’t encapsulate my placenta. During the first eight weeks or so, I was really wrought out. I mean, my hormones were coursing through my veins trying to regulate my now-not-pregnant body, a new tiny person trying to communicate through […]


BumpBoxes Review – Surprise Yourself for 9 Months

Disclosure: I received a BumpBox for the purposes of this review, which is my own honest opinion.  As you know, outside of my gestational diabetes, my pregnancy was awesome. I loved every minute of it. Looking back, I was totally a newbie. Through trial and error, I found some amazing products and clothes for pregnancy. […]


My #SoleStory – Vionic Shoes Review

Disclosure: I received a pair of Vionic shoes for my honest review and #solestory campaign. When The Wife and I flew out to Maui for our babymoon, I brought two pairs of cheapo flip flops, sneakers and flat sandals with me. One day during our trip, it seemed we walked for miles and my feet, […]


Friday Five 5.15.15: Who Won the Internet

This week, we are moving! So I’m going to pull up a few things that won the internet this week and last. If you ever find yourself packing and moving… with a baby… kudos to you. It’s next to impossible!! Needless to say, we are not going to get any sleep for the next 72 […]


Mommi 3 in 1 - Vanilla

Mommi 3-in-1 Protein Shake Review: Drink Your Prenatals!

During my first trimester, I had a tough time finding a prenatal vitamin that didn’t make me want to die. This spring, Mommi 3-in-1 protein shake debuted, and preggos, you should check this out! The team at Mommi sent me a sample packet of their vanilla protein powder to try, and so I did. Who […]


What To Pack For the Hospital – Preparing for Birth

If you’re like me, you planned for a hospital birth. This list is for you! I spent two nights at the hospital and figured I would share what was in my bag for me and Baby Spawn.   What to Pack for the Hospital Installed car seat (and base) – The baby cannot leave the hospital […]

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Ultimate Maternity Micro-Plush Fitness Capri - For Two Fitness

So I Discovered Maternity Workout Clothes!

Holy shiz balls! Maternity workout clothes actually exist! Y’all. There are some sh*t-eous clothes for pregnant people. On the flip side, thankfully, there are some fabulous entrepreneurs and businesses who design cool stuff for gut-busters like me. I have been looking for maternity bottoms to work out in. My regular leggings and capris all roll […]

Someone needs a frickin' tan.

Overheard: Gym Conversations

I keep staring at the squat rack at the gym and I have to tell you, I’m skurred. It looks like a friggin’ trap. Like, the barbell is going to be too heavy and I’m going to be on my back, dead. I know it should kick my ass and make squats safer, but LOOK […]

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Wonder Woman blanket - Superherostuff.com

What to Buy 4.11.14: Groupon, Julep, Wonder Woman

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links. There are a few fantastic deals going around that caught my eye this week. JULEP – Julep Maven I got my Julep Maven box for April! It contained a new blush and two nail colors. I can rock the orange polish, but I’m not sure I can do the pink. […]

Coola Organic Sunscreens - the best!!

Coola Suncare Organic Sunscreen – Review

Disclosure: Coola sent these two products without expectation of a review. The review of both products are my honest and true opinion. Some of these links are affiliate links.    Yesterday, I was at the Fitness Magazine/Murad skin fitness event, and it is funny that I am writing about sunscreen today. Dr. Murad (the real […]

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SafeCatch Skipjack

You Can Eat Safe Catch Tuna While Pregnant

By chance, I ran into this bitchin’ business run by two dudes. They were tabling at Expo West this year but I couldn’t attend. The folks at Safe Catch were nice enough to send info about how their fish is caught and how much mercury is in their tuna. This is so important for the preggos. My OB […]

ICU Eyewear - Sun Collection - Cat-Eye Two-Tone in Tortoise/Aqua

I Love My Affordable Sunglasses by ICU Eyewear! [Review]

One of the coolest non-food companies I ran into at #ExpoWest (Natural Products Expo) last month was ICU Eyewear. I hovered all over the team like a fangirl, learning more about how they source their materials and … get this… their sunglasses and glasses all cost less than $100. In fact, they’re usually around $25!! […]

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Friday Five


Friday Five 5.1.15: Who Won the Internet

It’s time for a new Friday Five! Here are a few things that made me laugh, bookmark, #sideeye or all of the above! Who Won The Internet: A bunch of minorities and a blind guy. 5. My pal and fellow blogger Lisa who runs Babes In Disneyland attended an Avengers: Age of Ultron press junket. […]


Friday Five 4.3.15: Who Won The Internet

Late but not forgotten! Here we go, this week’s Friday Five contains links to stuff that won the internet, in my opinion. Friday Five: Who Won The Internet 5. My colleague Justin created a Tumblr blog called Not Getting the Job. I wanted him to call it WTFJobseeker, but he’s classy that way. 4. My pal Melissa […]

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