Friday Five 8.21.15: Who Won The Internet

Oh boy! I haven’t written on this blog for a bit. Personal health issues happened and I’ve been pretty ill because of it. Punchline: plugged duct. (Non-moms, don’t google this.) Let’s go. Who Won The Internet 5. Josh Duggar and Jared the Subway guy. Usually I try to keep this blog positive. So here’s the […]


Friday Five 8.7.15: Five Instagram Accounts to Follow

It’s the Friday Five! Are you on Instagram? Do you hop over to the “discover” tag and check out what is trending or what your friends have liked? I like to see who Instagram suggests I follow based on who I already follow. It’s been kind of fun seeing new accounts and finding some real gems. […]


Thrive Market and Abe’s Market: Healthy Products Delivered!

Sometimes the local grocery doesn’t carry what I need like a specific brand of food pouch for the baby, and I don’t need 50 billion units of them from Costco. I also don’t need 60 protein bars. What about you? I found out about Thrive Market from Leah at Mamavation several months ago. I never […]


What’s On My Mind in GIFs

Sometimes you just need a good GIF to describe your feels. This week, I’m going to describe what caught my eye or who slayed it or annoyed me. What’s On My Mind in GIFs 5. Very Smart Brothas. I learned of this site when Serena Williams won another tennis title. That woman is one of the greatest athletes […]


Lorna Jane - she has some really smooth armpits.

Friday Five 2.14.14: Valentine’s Day Edition – Customer Service

This whole week has been about loving yourself, gifting yourself things, “gifting” others, and loving your blog. Today’s Friday Five is about what’s happened to me in the past week. Companies and People That Made Me Happy This Week 5. My client contact – Someone he knew was looking for a social media consultant. He […]

Bundle Organics prenatal juices / Photo credit - Bundle Organics

Bundle Organics Review – Organic Prenatal Juices

During my first two months of pregnancy, I got really nauseous from the OTC prenatal vitamins I was on. I tried Trader Joe’s, Rainbow Lite from Whole Foods, and Nature Made. I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of horse pills. I wish I’d heard of Bundle Organics prenatal juices earlier! You […]

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After spinning two weeks ago

I’m Gonna Pump Myself Up – Weight Training

Now that I’m running on my own business, I’ve been able to take advantage of the THREE+ hours NOT wasted on commuting to a Westside office. That time has been spent on the business and updating this blog regularly… and going to the gym. I’ve also realized that it’s June. I only have 12 weeks […]


Shake Weights – Workout Update 10.23.13

Shake weights. I’m not talking about shake weights, the informercial sensation. I’m talking about your arms shaking so bad because you can’t curl the dumbbell any more. This week, I stepped up my game in the weight lifting arena. This may not be a big deal to you but it is to me. I hit […]

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Crazy ass close-up: MAC x Maleficent "True Love's Kiss" red lipstick - Outdoor lowlight

MAC Maleficent Lipstick: True Love’s Kiss – Review

I think I found another perfect red lipstick! My homegirl AJ went on a hunt for me and picked up MAC x Maleficent collection‘s lipstick called True Love’s Kiss for me and her! I heart it like I heart Maleficent and most Disney villains. I think this shade is more versatile and wearable than Ruby Woo. I know […]

source: drbronners.com

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap – Not so magical for my hair

When I attended the Natural Products Expo West a few months ago, I picked up a sample of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure Castile Soap in the blue label. I thought, hey it’s natural, it’s soap for every part of your body. I shampoo’d my hair, and it came out stringy, dry, and disgusting. I mean, […]

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Yes to Cucumbers - facial wipes - Yes to Carrots

Friday Five 7.4.14: Made in the USA Products

#MERICA! or #MURICA! It’s a long weekend for most Americans, and hurrah for that! I thought I’d change it up and showcase five brands made in America. Yep, USA! USA! I do love businesses that keep their production in the country. After all, this is my country. I was made in America too. Let’s get […]

My finished piece - Paint & Sip Studio LA

Paint a ‘Cock at Paint and Sip Studio LA

Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t do fun stuff. Last week, my blogger friends AJ, Melissa, Anne and I headed to Paint & Sip Studio LA for a Bloggers Night Out (BNO) of painting and sipping. I learned to paint a ‘cock! Peacock, y’all. Dirty minds. The bloggers and I did some bonding with an […]

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Friday Five


Friday Five 7.16.15: Who Won The Internet

So many things have happened in the last two weeks. But we are here to dig into the good stuff on the internet. Let’s go! Who Won The Internet 5. Ronda Rousey. I think the ESPYs is weird, but hey, whatever. If the Billboard Music Awards and People’s Choice Awards exist, the ESPYs can, too. […]


Friday Five 6.5.15: Who Won the Internet

It’d be a cop out if I said only one person won the internet, but come on. She did. But then this wouldn’t be a Friday Five. It’s just be a Friday One. So here we go… Who Won The Internet 5. Caitlyn. Well played, girl, with the C and not the K. Bwhahaha! Take […]

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