Friday Five: Custom T-Shirt Sites

I’ve been wanting to make my own t-shirt designs for a long time. Now that Spawn is here, I really want to make some for her, too. I dug around to see which websites offered this type of service. Many have the same features, and I’m hardpressed to find the “right one” to start with. […]


What To Pack For the Hospital – Preparing for Birth

If you’re like me, you planned for a hospital birth. This list is for you! I spent two nights at the hospital and figured I would share what was in my bag for me and Baby Spawn.   What to Pack for the Hospital Installed car seat (and base) – The baby cannot leave the hospital […]


Friday Five 3.20.15: Mole Women

Whoa! It’s been a while since my last Friday Five. And I’m publishing this on a Sunday. Ah life of a WAHM. Here are five things that I’ve bookmarked this week. They’ve either made me laugh or taught me something. Friday Five: Mole Women 5. Shuggilippo created a whole set of GIFs based on the […]


Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Review – Safety & Comfort!

Thank you to the Chicco team for providing a NextFit Car Seat for my honest review below. When Baby Spawn was four months old, she was already inching towards the top of her infant car seat. I looked forward to switching to a convertible because her infant seat was so hard and plastic-y. There was a very […]


Ultimate Maternity Micro-Plush Fitness Capri - For Two Fitness

So I Discovered Maternity Workout Clothes!

Holy shiz balls! Maternity workout clothes actually exist! Y’all. There are some sh*t-eous clothes for pregnant people. On the flip side, thankfully, there are some fabulous entrepreneurs and businesses who design cool stuff for gut-busters like me. I have been looking for maternity bottoms to work out in. My regular leggings and capris all roll […]

My picks for Maternity Swimsuits

Maternity Swimsuits – My Summer Picks!

Our last hurrah is coming up soon, aka. Pre-Spawn Bonanza! I intend to stay active on this trip: standup paddleboarding (SUP), snorkeling, and floating. I’ve been researching maternity swimsuits for our trip and here are my picks!   My main criteria was support. These boobs are turning into milk jugs, and teeny string bikini tops […]

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Dhanurasana - Bow Pose (or... crazy ass backbend)

Fitness: Yoga 4.26.11

One of the things I’ve been doing outside of (not) running is flow yoga. I’ve been trying to keep consistent attendance at the local yoga studio near the office. Fortunately one of my coworkers is there to keep me motivated/accountable. Plus I paid for a 10-class card, so I have to use it. Last night […]

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Philip Lim for Target

Friday Five 9.6.13: What’s Making Me Happy

I love warm weather, but this is ridiculous. It has been in the high 90s where I live, and it’s in the low 90s INSIDE MY APARTMENT. Without further ado, here’s… What’s Making Me Happy This Week: 5. Labor Day Monday – It gave me a chance to recuperate from the Disneyland Half. As usual, […]

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Kerry Gilmartin and family - Bamboobies Founder & CEO

5 Questions with Bamboobies Founder & CEO Kerry Gilmartin

As the owner of two leaking breasts, I sought out nursing (or breast) pads that would help cover up my wet spots on my blouses and tank tops. Lucky for me, I had a pair of Bamboobies and a pair of EpiBi nursing pads. The Bamboobies won out – they’re almost leak-proof and made of soft […]

041813 clearly filtered pitcher

Clearly Filtered Pitcher Review – Water Water Everywhere

One of the things I don’t like about the city I live in is the tap water. The Wife and I long adopted the Brita Filter to help make our water less gross and drinkable. We buy Brita filters for our pitcher regularly, but The Wife is still not a fan of the filtered water […]

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Friday Five


Friday Five 2.6.15 – I’m Still Laughing at the Golden Globes

It’s been a few weeks since the Golden Globes aired, but I still laugh at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s intro monologue. I mean, the George Clooney dig… brilliant. Just everything. I watched it again and laughed out loud. Spawn startled. Oops. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_XUSOLVRzA What else have I been laughing at lately? Check them out… Friday […]


Stop Posting These Things on Facebook

You know, I’d totally blame my impatience of stupid posts on being a new mom and having no time to read stupid crap on Facebook. But the fact of the matter is that I’ve always side-eyed these types of posts because they don’t make any sense and they are not effective. Well, they effectively annoy me, […]

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