Thrive Market and Abe’s Market: Healthy Products Delivered!

Sometimes the local grocery doesn’t carry what I need like a specific brand of food pouch for the baby, and I don’t need 50 billion units of them from Costco. I also don’t need 60 protein bars. What about you? I found out about Thrive Market from Leah at Mamavation several months ago. I never […]


What’s On My Mind in GIFs

Sometimes you just need a good GIF to describe your feels. This week, I’m going to describe what caught my eye or who slayed it or annoyed me. What’s On My Mind in GIFs 5. Very Smart Brothas. I learned of this site when Serena Williams won another tennis title. That woman is one of the greatest athletes […]


Awesome 80s Run 5K Race Report

Awesome 80s Run 5K Race Report Disclosure: Chicco sent the Tre jogging stroller for me to review and Last weekend, Spawn and I dressed up and headed out to the Rose Bowl for the Awesome 80s Run 5K! It was our first race with our new Chicco Tre jogging stroller, which is balls better than […]


What to Wear to Yoga Class – Postnatal

The team at Ebates sent over an infographic  on Yoga Wear, and it reminded me that full/loose pants are not the way to go. When you lift your leg higher than your head, the pantleg will slide up and that’s annoying as hell. It got me thinking about what I like to wear in yoga […]



Discovery Cube LA – Come Discover with Your Littles

If you’ve lived in So Cal, chances are, you’ve visited the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana (Orange County). But! Did you know there is a Discovery Cube in LA? It had its grand opening back in  November. The campus is located in the north west part of the Valley, right next to the Hansen Dam […]

Paddleboarding - Maui babymoon

Babymoon in Maui – What To Do – Activities

As you know, The Wife and I went on our babymoon in Maui about two months ago and I wanted to highlight some of the activities we did while pregnant at 24 weeks! You’ve read about our food adventures, now read on for the non-food adventures! WARNING: PHOTO HEAVY. We visited the beach every day. The […]

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hammer curls - sparkpeople

Workout Wednesday Update 12.4.13

For the past month or so, I’ve been feeling pretty sh*tty. Mostly it’s due to the weather change. No lie – I wouldn’t make it in Seattle or Portland. Seasonal-affective disorder? That is a real thing. The cold, gray skies, clouds, rain … all of that affects me horribly. I hate it. It makes me […]

Saranac b-grl Reveal Gloves

Saranac b-grl Gloves Review – Protect Your Hands!

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links; product was provided by Saranac. This is my honest review.  Last summer, I started weight training. The Wife convinced me to start using free weights at the gym, and I went on a hunt for weight lifting gloves to protect my hands. I contacted Saranac Gloves directly and asked if […]

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Coola Organic Sunscreens - the best!!

Coola Suncare Organic Sunscreen – Review

Disclosure: Coola sent these two products without expectation of a review. The review of both products are my honest and true opinion. Some of these links are affiliate links.    Yesterday, I was at the Fitness Magazine/Murad skin fitness event, and it is funny that I am writing about sunscreen today. Dr. Murad (the real […]

Philip Lim for Target

Friday Five 9.6.13: What’s Making Me Happy

I love warm weather, but this is ridiculous. It has been in the high 90s where I live, and it’s in the low 90s INSIDE MY APARTMENT. Without further ado, here’s… What’s Making Me Happy This Week: 5. Labor Day Monday – It gave me a chance to recuperate from the Disneyland Half. As usual, […]

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Ali. Calligraphy - Linda Yoshida

5 Questions with Custom Calligrapher Linda Yoshida

The art of calligraphy isn’t dead. It’s thriving!! Have you checked out Instagram lately? Type “Linda Yoshida” or “calligraphy” and you’ll see TONS of images just on beautiful calligraphy! If you’re a fan of script or custom handwritten artwork, you’ve come to the right post! I’m proud to know Linda Yoshida, custom calligrapher, personally. She’s a savvy […]

My finished piece - Paint & Sip Studio LA

Paint a ‘Cock at Paint and Sip Studio LA

Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t do fun stuff. Last week, my blogger friends AJ, Melissa, Anne and I headed to Paint & Sip Studio LA for a Bloggers Night Out (BNO) of painting and sipping. I learned to paint a ‘cock! Peacock, y’all. Dirty minds. The bloggers and I did some bonding with an […]

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Friday Five


Friday Five 7.16.15: Who Won The Internet

So many things have happened in the last two weeks. But we are here to dig into the good stuff on the internet. Let’s go! Who Won The Internet 5. Ronda Rousey. I think the ESPYs is weird, but hey, whatever. If the Billboard Music Awards and People’s Choice Awards exist, the ESPYs can, too. […]


Friday Five 6.5.15: Who Won the Internet

It’d be a cop out if I said only one person won the internet, but come on. She did. But then this wouldn’t be a Friday Five. It’s just be a Friday One. So here we go… Who Won The Internet 5. Caitlyn. Well played, girl, with the C and not the K. Bwhahaha! Take […]

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