#RunawayToVegas 2013 – This Is So Happening

Follow us and #RunawayToVegas this weekend!

Follow us and #RunawayToVegas this weekend!

While  Chris “I hate winter and everything it stands for” Lam is dying inside,  Chris “W00t, I’m leaving this miserabletown for Las Vegas” Lam is jumping for joy. My fellow Cholas Americans… (and bloggers) Xenia, AJ, Julie, and Marlita, and I are hopping onboard a Megabus and leaving town. Don’t burgle our homes – our families are still living there.

We’ll be staying at The Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas – another first for me. I’ve never, in the 3947394910th times I’ve visited Vegas, stayed in Downtown. I have, however, run through downtown Vegas during my 2010 Las Vegas Half Marathon- that was fun.

2010 Las Vegas Half Marathon - Downtown Vegas

2010 Las Vegas Half Marathon – Downtown Vegas

This is part of our 72-hour itinerary:

Our weekend will be packed to the gills, which is good for YOU because…

The Cholas and I are giving away a trip to Las Vegas! Yeah! So when you win your trip, you can follow our footsteps! Or choose your own adventure!

Stay tuned this weekend – keep us in your hearts and Twitterfeed. Follow the hashtag #runawaytovegas and watch as we experience Las Vegas this winter!



  1. Ann Odle says

    OH, I’ve never stayed downtown either. I’ll be sure to enter your contest too, even thought I’m going to be in Vegas right before Christmas (and then again right after NYE for NMX). Is there ever a time that isn’t right for a Vegas trip?

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