Friday Five 12.20.13: Cold “Remedies”


Mega Cold 2013 is killing me. Today is the first day in five days that I’ve been able to breathe through my nose intermittently. I was about to say, “Hey I also haven’t coughed this morning either!” Alas, it’s not true. I hacked up a lung while on a CLIENT CALL.

To make my life worse this week, I can’t be on any medication. That includes cold medicine. I also can’t be drinking kombucha, which is what I would be drinking to kick this cold to the curb.

Here are Five Things Making Me Happy This Week… all cold “remedies”:

5. Honey. I’ve been Winnie the Pooh-ing tiny spoonfuls of honey every few hours to soothe my sore throat. Now I don’t remember what the difference is between organic honey and manuka honey but I’m sure someone here can chime in later about it. I do have a sample of Manuka Honey that I received from the Natural Products Expo West but I’m not sure what I did with it.

Funny thing – I got weighed at the doc’s office early this week, and I lost two pounds. TWO POUNDS. Where did they go? Then I realized – maybe it’s two pounds of muscle I’ve lost since I have avoided the gym this month (it’s next to a mall and I sure as hell am not going to the mall near Christmas).

4. Yogi Ginger Tea. Did I tell you I have stopped drinking coffee last month? An angel just lost its wings. I should be wearing a black band for all the coffee angels I just killed.

No, you heard right. I’m off coffee unless it’s decaf. This week, it’s all decaf tea. I’m seriously in hell, you do understand that, right? On the plus side, this ginger tea is spicy and super-gingey. Add honey and lemon, and it’s a pretty spicy, yummy (decaf *sob*) tea! Friends suggested I drink peppermint or chamomile teas, which I abhor. Chamomile tastes like ass and peppermint makes my stomach turn. So ginger it is.

3. Camelback Groove insulated bottle. I usually don’t have to force myself to drink water. Until this week of my mega cold. My taste buds are also out of whack. All water tastes funky and unfiltered in my Clearly Filtered pitcher. So I’m double-filtering my drinking water (WTF?) with my nifty Camelback bottle that I got from #FitBlogLA!

I can’t say enough about this bottle. I lug it to the sofa, I lug it to bed, I lug it to my desk. I lug it in the car. I know I have to keep hydrated while sick, and this water hasn’t made me want to gag yet.


2. Rosebud Lip Salve (tube). I am Kyle’s cousin, Kyle. You remember him from South Park, don’t you? Mouth-breather? For the last few nights, I’ve been dealing with dry mouth and dry lips. Thanks, body. You are killing me. My lipbalm of choice has been keeping my lips hydrated as I suck in oxygen all day long. You can buy this at your local Sephora or Ulta. It’s not greasy, and it’s more hygienic than the tin. Who wants to keep dipping your dirty finger in that tin? Just get the tube.


last but not least… 1. Hot showers. This is a 10-minute window of normalcy. I can breathe. I can feel like I’m not sick. My head isn’t pounding as badly. I don’t know about you but showers are underrated for everything! I do my best thinking in the shower. Don’t you? It’s 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted meditation.

Then I leave the bathroom, and I’m back to misery.

What are your cold remedies? What do you do to stave off or cure a cold? Please let me know! I’d love to kick this cold once and for all!



  1. Melissa Burton says

    I love that Rose Lip Balm. I wish I had a remedy for you. I drink hot fluids and lots of chicken soup (it’s Jewish Penicillin you know!). Feel better soon!

  2. AJ says

    When I had the lung plague, I was drinking hot fluids, taking super steamy showers every morning AND night, and somehow laying on my back with my head only a little propped up helped ease the discomfort although I’m not sure for a cold that’s smart (nasal drip and all).

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