I Love My Affordable Sunglasses by ICU Eyewear! [Review]

ICU Eyewear - Sun Collection - Cat-Eye Two-Tone in Tortoise/Aqua

One of the coolest non-food companies I ran into at #ExpoWest (Natural Products Expo) last month was ICU Eyewear. I hovered all over the team like a fangirl, learning more about how they source their materials and … get this… their sunglasses and glasses all cost less than $100. In fact, they’re usually around $25!! […]

Maternity Swimsuits – My Summer Picks!

My picks for Maternity Swimsuits

Our last hurrah is coming up soon, aka. Pre-Spawn Bonanza! I intend to stay active on this trip: standup paddleboarding (SUP), snorkeling, and floating. I’ve been researching maternity swimsuits for our trip and here are my picks!   My main criteria was support. These boobs are turning into milk jugs, and teeny string bikini tops […]

What’s In My Bag – Cold-Bustin’ with Kleenex Style!

Kleenex Slim Packs and my box of aloe tissues!

This post is sponsored by Kleenex. All opinions and snot, my own. I’ve been battling a cold for the past week, and Kleenex (with aloe) has saved my nose. I’ve also discovered Kleenex is celebrating its 90th anniversary with new styles for their tissue products! Check out the Kleenex Style Studio! But this isn’t about my cold. It’s about […]

So I Discovered Maternity Workout Clothes!

Ultimate Maternity Micro-Plush Fitness Capri - For Two Fitness

Holy shiz balls! Maternity workout clothes actually exist! Y’all. There are some sh*t-eous clothes for pregnant people. On the flip side, thankfully, there are some fabulous entrepreneurs and businesses who design cool stuff for gut-busters like me. I have been looking for maternity bottoms to work out in. My regular leggings and capris all roll […]

Shoe Me How You Do That Trick – #ShoeMe #SCLB

A few of my favorite shoes.

The SCLB asked about our shoe obsessions last week, and a myriad of posts came up from our members. I thought about the shoes that I owned – I’m not going to tell you how many I own – that’s just adding fuel to the fire. You know, the fire that The Wife is stoking, […]