Baby Spawn is Here – She Rules Our World

If you have been following me on social media, you’ll know Baby Spawn has landed.

What's up, world? - Spawn is here.

What’s up, world? – Spawn is here.

She was born almost a couple of weeks ago, and …


I am forever grateful for my doula and The Wife and the labor nurse who stuck by me. Because NO EPIDURAL.

It took me a while to share this with some friends because I didn’t want to sound like an asshole. (I guess there are or there can be ill feelings towards moms who get an epidural. Lame. More woman-on-woman ill will? Come on.) At some point, I decided that I shouldn’t be ashamed or hide my surprise and amazement that I did it. I am super proud of myself for pushing Ms. Spawn out naturally, even though I had previously told my OB and doula that I was all in with the epidural. (This is a story for later.)

Spawn is healthy as far as we can tell. She was slightly jaundiced so we supplemented with formula for the first week or so. In less than 14 days, she is back to her birth weight – our pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to go “feed on demand” versus waking her up every 2-3 hours to eat.

We are sleep-deprived. We are definitely “new parents,” and I am grateful and appreciative for my friends who also recently had babies. They’ve been my support group via text – thank god for technology.

Blog posts are going to be a little less regular but I do have a ton of posts (and Bitchin’ Businesses to spotlight!) in my queue as well as many “Why didn’t anyone tell me about ….” posts about labor, post-partum, and babies. Oh I can’t wait to write about all the bloody and ‘WTF’ stories.

If you are pregnant and close to week 39, I highly recommend getting a pedicure. At one irrational second, while taking a break from pushing and dealing with yet another contraction, I glanced at my feet and was so relieved I got my toes did. Then I proceeded to inhale deeply and exhale spittle towards my doula and labor nurse holding my legs, encouraging me to push.

In the meantime, I hope you dig around the archives and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I plan on getting some or all of these Rookie Mom challenges in. The Wife has encouraged me to get out of the house – I think my hormones are out of whack and being cooped up in our small apartment is not doing anyone any favors.

Thank you for reading!

Baby Spawn at Day 4

Baby Spawn at Day 4


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    She’s so beautiful! And I think no matter how labor happens, in the end we should all celebrate the amazing new life. I wish we could have gone natural and healing was a biatch, but I would never have any animosity toward another mom for their natural birth. Glad you are doing well and just make sure to try and get some sleep. Sleep is a powerful thing and it can make you cray cray without it. I’m still balancing hormone weirdness at 18 months. lol


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